Water Treatment Plant : Industrial IoT


In our engagements with the companies that deal with WTP, we came to an understanding that there is a need for an overall system to remotely monitor and manage the units using IoT along with the proprietary IoT hardware for automation.  This aids in preventive maintenance which eventually results in faster field service which in turn results in increased annual maintenance contract revenue.

Our Solution: 

Scope of work is to design, develop, and prototype – IoT computing edge hardware, server software, monitoring portal and mobile apps required to automate the water treatment plant and enable remote management.  

IoT computing edge hardware & firmware – to automate the entire water treatment plant in the given logical narrative and connectivity with the remote server through TCP/IP Ethernet communication and also having digital & analog inputs and outputs, Modbus and local touch screen. 

Server Software – An application developed to be operated on a computing server, which provides services to multiple sites simultaneously. 

Monitoring Web Portal – A specifically designed portal that would provide information gathered from various plant locations and also enable remote control, depending on user roles. 

  • Dashboard
  • Controls
  • Status View
  • Trends
  • Reports
  • User Management & Role Privileges

Mobile Apps – A custom-built mobile app for remote monitoring, maintenance and also previewing the settings applied to the unit. 

Mobile App Admin/Manager

  • Dashboard
  • Status View
  • Event Alerts

Mobile App Site Engineer

  • Status View
  • Event Alerts
  • Maintenance Activity Logs

Sensor conditioning boards (Transmitters) – Electronic signal conditioning boards to measure and transmit multiple other parameters to the IoT computing edge hardware.  

Parameters Analyzed


Key Benefits

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