Today, surveillance has become a mandate across various industries. The transition from standalone & analogue video to connected (IP) & digital video brought in the need for centralised management technology. Geo-Marshall CMMS from Rax-Tech International is known for providing complete surveillance software and hardware products that are suitable for small, medium and large industries.

CMMS Software

Remote facility monitoring and management is need for today and tomorrow, as the number of decentralized facilities/infrastructures are increasing to cover up a wider area. Also, the world is looking for reducing recurring costs by cutting down manpower and energy.

Geo-Marshall Central Monitoring and Management System by Rax Tech International is designed to monitor and manage thousands of Squadron alarm automation panels. Comes with a simplified, organized and powerful user interface. This application has the facility to create any number of configuration templates and apply them to configure multiple sites. Administrative actions like adding, transferring and deleting devices, sites, users are made easy.

Alerts are highly configurable and can be categorized as required. Alerts are categorized as and when received and forwarded to the assigned command centre agent. Escalation of alerts manually and automatically if required. Easy and powerful report generation. The new generation Geo-Marshall can communicate with any SIA based Alarm Panel.

Video Monitoring System

Geo-Marshall comes with VMS server for managing Videos, Images, recording devices (DVR) and storage. By introducing a separate server for VMS, the core  MMS server has come down drastically. Geo-Marshall VMS is compatible with various DVRs like HikVision, CP Plus, Xpert, Dahua & Shany, etc…

Geo-Marshal video wall will always show the latest critical alerts with live snapshot/video and status.

Video Wall

Video Wall is a truly revolutionary product that offers automatic video pulling from an alarm site along with automatic video closing based on the closing alert. This innovative engineering takes the tediousness out of monitoring sites everyday. With Video Wall, your business always has a live view of what’s happening. Video Wall is available in multiple matrix views for larger screen display. It’s time to get vision security.

Key features:

  • Alert based video monitoring
  • Automatic video pulling from an alarm site
  • Automatic video closing based on closing alert
  • 2X2 to 8X8 matrix view for bigger screens
Client Portal

The Client Portal is a customized dashboard that enables you to not just see, but also control remote sites. The portal helps monitor the remote site’s maintenance status, along with real-time snapshots of the site. You can monitor everything remotely like site health, zone health, are cameras live, and the duration of offline. This helps you take appropriate action as soon as possible. It also lets you know if a remote site is active or not.

Key features:

  • Dashboard to monitor all sites
  • Site health status, zone health status, duration of offline
  • Camera live view, snap from remote location
  • Health status report
  • Manual housekeeping report with camera snap
  • Complaint ticketing

Access OTP Management

Access OTP Management lets you control Wallet/Locker from anywhere, anytime through the mobile OTP system. Get full security with a question verification system or use manual mode for easy access. There are options available for creating alerts/logs for all the activities.

Key features:

  • Control wallet/locker via E-Security
  • Access by mobile OTP system
  • Site offline OTP handle
  • Manual/auto mode and security question verification system
  • Alerts/ logs for all activity
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