Squadron alarm automation panel takes care of electronic security, automation, surveillance, power monitoring of remote locations wherever it is placed. It keeps the environment safe and communicates all the necessary details to central monitoring station.

  • Rugged powder coated cabinet.
  • Instant alerts like CMS packet, hooter, SMS and calls (GSM models)
  • 32 zone digital inputs (Door sensor, Droughting sensor, Vibration sensor, PIR, Etc…).
  • 6 zone Analog inputs (Smoke sensor, fail safe/secure sensor etc…)
  • 2 zone Analog inputs (Room Temperature and LUX Value Measurement)
  • 1 FAS Zone (up to 16 numbers of Smoke/Heat /MCP)
  • 15 Output control relays with ratings 3Amps/230VAC (Lights, AC’s, Signboard lights…etc…)
  • SMPS output voltage -12VDC /6 Amps.
  • Support GPRS backup card.
  • Inbuilt 8 hours battery backup.
  • Inbuilt power manager monitor’s EB, UPS voltage and Battery condition (battery low alerts 30 minutes before draining)
  • MODBUS Communication protocol for Keypad, Energy Monitoring, Fuel monitoring etc.,
  • Ethernet Module -Pluggable Expander card for LAN communications
  • Inbuilt Flash storage for Events log
  • Configurations through Android Applications, Keypad, SMS ,Utilities
  • Remote Monitoring through Android Apps, CMS
  • Standard Protocol supported – Ademco-CID, SIA-DCS
  • Remote Firmware upgradable
  • Multiple Zone grouping, Entry /Exit Delay time for Zones

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