PLC Based Automation Panels

For more than a decade, we have been manufacturing PLC based panels for various applications. We are a multi-brand PLC system integrator. We have sound knowledge on panel manufacturing to programming and commissioning of any complex applications. We have excellent track record of executing projects in Process industries, Power plant, Sub stations, Shipyard, Oil & Gas Industries, Water Industries and Automotive industries etc.

We use very selective components for the panels manufacturing such as Rittal enclosures, Multi brand PLC/HMI/Annunciators of Siemens, Allen Bradly, Mitsubishi make as required, Weidmuller / Pheonix / Elmex terminal blocks, interposing relays & power supplies, leading brand switchgear parts etc.

Based on the client requirements, we suggest the Quality brands from the globe. Also we provide an efficient after sales support through the strong network of engineers all over India and abroad.

IRP/Marshaling Cabinets

We have proven record of various Interposing Relay Cabinets / Marshalling Cabinets for major / critical projects. MCC to DCS interfaces are carefully designed and manufactured for life time smooth functioning. We meet the highly expected quality standards and specialised requirements in our panels like Interface relay cabinets, marshalling cabinets, Copper / FO patch panels, Communication panels.

Annunciator Panels

We are manufacturing the annunciator panel and supplied to various industries. We introduced a new version of digital annunciator panel which is more suitable for automotive industries, power plants, processing plants etc.

Control and Relay Panels

Control and Relay Panels
RTCC Panels
Generator Control & Protection Panels
RTU panels Industrial
Transformer Protection Panels
Bus bar protection Panels
NGR Panels

We manufacture Control and Relay Panels for various EHV/HV/LV electrical equipments like Switchgears, Transformers, Generators etc. for the purpose of protection and controls as per the set industrial standards, thus our product renders matchless performance over period of time.
We use the numerical and electromagnetic relays of various leading manufacturers like Alsthom, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, SEL etc. Our qualified electrical and electronic engineers are backbone of the company who enables us to accomplish the project perfectly and within the stipulated time frame matching to clients’ specifications. We are known by a team of highly qualified and experienced Technicians who helps in executing a perfect product range that best fit to customer’s expectations.

PMM Software

Our Process Monitoring and Management Software (PMMS) are customized to the requirement for Production Optimization, Process Monitoring, quality control, Data acquisition etc…

Our highly motivated team of engineers can communicate with multi brand PLC, other Automation equipments and provide the required analytical parameters and reports. The Software offered by us is extensively used in many Industries like Automotive, Water, Processing Plants (Cement, Paper, Steel), Shipyard, Oil & Gas and Power plants.

  • Capable of Communication with multi-band Automation equipment
  • Data Extraction with or without OPC server
  • Supervisory control Image acquisition with storage
  • Reporting in open platform like Crystal Report
  • Remote access through the Internet.

Few Major Projects Executed

PLC Panel
IRP Panels / Data Pattern
T&C of Substation
RITTAL Panel & Accessories
T&C of 400 KV SS, Kurnool
Jetty Crane Automation and PLC Panel, Shore Panel, T&C of Relays and Switchgear for ICOSA
ACCS Panel for Substations
T&C of ACCS Panels at various 33/13.8 KV substations
RITTAL Panel & Accessories
Data Acquisition software for Monitoring and Management

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