The Shutter control system is designed to work along with Squadron alarm panel and 2 way deterrent system. By using this unit, the shutter of any entrance can be operated. This shutter unit has 2 outputs to drive the shutter motor namely UP and DOWN. The status of the shutter is sensed using the shutter sensors and the same intimated to the alarm panel. Along with alarm automation panel and the 2 way deterrent system, this unit gives various provisions like scheduled automatic opening and closing of the shutter, closing of the shutter accompanied by flashing lights and voice message announcement to alert the users of the premises. Photo cell sensor in the unit prevents the shutter from closing if anyone enters by mistake at the time of closing. Also using 2 way deterrent system, the unit will announce the closing message for 3 minutes and close the shutter, if any user present inside the room 2 way deterrent system will announce the closing message repeatedly for 10 minutes and the shutter will again try to close. Also the system has a exit switch to open the shutter from inside. It has capability to detect forceful opening of the shutter by any means.

The user has the following benefits

  •  Scheduled opening and closing of the shutter
  •  Voice Announcement using 2 Way deterrent unit
  • Detects and alerts forceful opening of the shutter
  • Provision for the user to operate from inside if trapped
  •  Manual opening and closing possible
  • Reliable and Secured facility
  • Flash lighting and Photo sensing to accompany the closing operation


  • Works with 12V DC supply
  • Gets input from Alarm Panel for opening and closing of the Shutter
  • Flash lighting and Voice announcement on closing of the Shutter
  • Repeated announcement if any user is inside the room on closing time.  Manual opening and closing availability
  • Shutter control from Remote CMS
  • Status of the shutter is alerted to CMS
  • Pulse Signal to invoke the warning message.  Steady Signal to invoke the Closing message.
  • Forced opening of the shutter is sensed and send as alert to CMS.
  • Shutter schedule saved in the Alarm Panel, and the alarm panel input received using interposing
    relay outputs
  • Shutter announcement to have multiple voice option saved in the Deterrent system, and from CMS
    or user can select the Voice for the particular place.
  • EXIT switch to open the shutter from the inside.
  • Power packup for operating incase of power failure

Specification Sheet