The Shutter control system is designed to control the shutter operation remotely. By using this unit, the shutter of any entrance can be operated. This shutter unit has 2 outputs to drive the shutter motor namely UP and DOWN.

Also it has spare TRIAC outputs to drive the shutter motor. The status of the shutter is sensed using the shutter sensors and the same intimated to the CMS. This unit gives various provisions like scheduled automatic opening and closing of the shutter. On receipt of UP/DOWN command or schedule, The SCS system to initiate the announcement and check the occupancy through PIR. Photo beam sensor across the entry prevents the shutter from Closing if anyone enters by mistake at the time of closing.

Also the system has a emergency exit switch to open the shutter from inside. It has Capability to detect forceful opening of the shutter by any means.

  • Shutter opening and closing through scheduler or CMS remotely.
  • Manual opening and closing with local key lock.
  • Status of the shutter is alerted to CMS
  • Forced opening, Closing & Emergency open of the shutter is sensed and sent as alert to CMS.
  • Emergency Exit switch to open the shutter from the inside.
  • Two spare TRIAC outputs for separately motor UP/DOWN controls.
  • Audio output interface for pre-recorded audio announcement (speaker supplied separately)
  • Set of sensors (PIR, Beam sensor, Shutter sensor (2no’s), Glass door contact sensor and audio visual strobe are supplied separately.
  • CMS interface document / API shall be provided on request.
  • Metallic enclosure – indoor type.
  • Works with 12V DC supply
Specification Sheet
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