Power supply with Power backup panel with Ethernet (PSPB-E) is used to provide power backup provision for Alarm Panel , CCTV system etc.,. We can also monitor the health status of panels remotely The panel will send in case of failure events like Panel tamper ,power failure,Battery Low voltage etc. We can easily fix the DVR/NVR, router , Battery inside the panel


  •  Rugged powder coated cabinet.
  • 4 zone digital inputs (Panel Tamper sensor, EB power Alert , PIR, Etc…).
  •  4 Output control relays with ratings 3Amps/230VAC (to restart DVR, Router ).
    SMPS output voltage -12VDC /8 Amps.
  • Inbuilt Battery Charging and Discharge controller
  • Sending Multiple Power Alerts Like Input Power failure alerts, Battery Low voltage, Cutoff Voltage
    before panel getting off etc.,
  • Inbuilt Ethernet port for LAN communications
  • Inbuilt Flash storage for Events log
  • Configurations through Utilities
  • Standard Protocol supported – SIA-DCS
  • Remote Firmware upgradable
  • Inbuilt Surge protection for SMPS
  • Setting of Battery Low Voltage and Cut-off Voltage as per user requirement
  • Option for 12VDC to 48VDC converter provision for POE switch power

Specification Sheet
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