4 Zone Alarm Automation Panel is meant to give a complete security solution for a premises, monitoring the status of the 4 Digital Input zones and 2 Analog Input zones, managing the alerts, and controlling the 4 Output zones. Plugin types Ethernet/GSM communication are available for sending alerts through SMS, Call, and IP/GPRS. User can do the configurations by using Utility software or Keypad through Modbus communication. It has plugin type power manager to monitor EB voltage and Battery condition as well as to send alerts accordingly. The Power Manager has Battery charging and Cutoff mechanism.


  • Rugged powder coated cabinet
  • 12V, 3A SMPS power supply input
  • 4 Digital Inputs – 2 Analog Inputs (i.e., Temperature & Lux)
  • 4 Outputs (ie, external Buzzer, EML lock, Hooter, & Spare)
  • Plugin type Ethernet/GSM communications are available
  • Plugin type GSM communication for sending alerts through SMS, Calls, IP and GPRS
  • Plugin type Power Manager with Battery charging/cutoff mechanism — monitors EB voltage and Battery condition
  • Modbus Keypad for Arming/Disarming and Function Login/Logout activities
  • Auto Arm/Disarm feature available with week off and holiday settings
  • Configurations can be done through Keypad or Utility software
  • Remote Monitoring through CMS
  • Standard Protocol supported – SIA-DCS
  • Remote firmware upgrade through Ethernet communication
  • Provision for sending alerts to 2 IP Servers and 1 GPRS Server

Specification Sheet
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