The Refrigerator Monitoring System is used to monitor the different status of the refrigerator such as temperature, Door open/close, location of the Refrigerator and the Weight of individual trays. These status information are passed to a remote server using GPRS data packets from the system, and the same is alerted and displayed in a web page for the user view and also as a Alert. The user can take the statistics of the data and use it for any analysis, and records.


  • Compact housing.
  • GPS/GPRS used to provide precise time and date.
  • Flash used to store the unsent alert packets.
  • GPRS connectivity to transfer the data to the server.
  • Temperature Sensed from -65 deg to +99 Deg with 1 deg accuracy
  • Door sensor to know the open/close status of the Refrigerator door.
  • Dual Weight sensor for each Tray to sense the weight upto 40Kg per tray.
  • Alerts when temperature changes to 2 deg difference.
  • Alerts when GPS location moves for more than 20 meters.
  • Alerts when the tray weight deviates for 100 grams.
  • Alerts when the door open/close.
  • Every 2 minutes once the RMD send a packet with current location to the server.
  • Power ON LED indication.
  • GPS LED indication for valid GPS data.
  • GSM LED indication for GPRS Connectivity.
  • Power backup for 2 hours when main power failure.
  • Power Adapter with 100 – 230VAC input, 12VDC output.

Block Diagram



Specification Sheet
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