Remote facility monitoring and management is need of today and tomorrow, as number of decentralized  facilities / infrastructures are increasing to cover up wider area. Also, the world is looking for reducing recurring cost by cutting down the manpower and energy.

Geo-Marshall Central Monitoring and Management System is designed to monitor and manage thousands of Squadron alarm automation panels. Comes with simplified, organised and powerful user interface. This application has facility to create any number configuration templates and apply to configure multiple sites. Administrative actions like Adding, transferring and deleting devices,sites,users is made easy.

Alerts are highly configurable and can be categorized as required. Alerts are categorized as and when received and forwarded to assigned command center agent. Escalation of alerts manually and automatically if required. Easy and powerful report generation. The new generation Geo-Marshall can communicate with any SIA based
Alarm Panel.


Electronic Security
Squadron Alarm Automation Panel is placed in the remote location. Can be connected to multiple digital and analog sensors. Sensors can be placed in such a way that abnormal events are detected and so AAP creates alert and push to CMMS. AAP has dedicated I/O for Panic switch and Hooter.

Built-in relays in AAP can be connected directly to control any electrical circuits. High amps circuits can be controlled through Interposing Relay unit connected to AAP or through PMCU.

Squadron’s rugged cabinet have enough space to accommodate DVR/NVR & VPN router within the box and it comes with built-in tamper alert sensor to prevent any unauthorized intervention.

Power Backup
Built-in 8 hours Power Backup, Power manager, monitoring EB voltage, UPS voltage and Battery Voltage. Prier alert on complete power failure.

Self Diagnosis
Squadron’s watchdog keep monitoring status of all sensor & connectivity and reports to Geo-Marshall periodically.

Access Control & Activity Management
Keypad connected to Squadron Alarm Automation Panel will enable us to arm/disarm group of sensors to carry out planned activities. These facilities required to be maintained periodically with various set of people starting from housekeeping to technical maintenance team. According to the nature of their activity Squadron can be configured to arm and disarm any sensor and control.

On entering the passcode given to them, Squadron takes action if defined else generates alert and sends to Geo-Marshall for Agent to take action. All options are parameterized and configurable to client’s requirements.

Environment Monitoring
In most of the unmanned facilities irrespective of the natural light & weather conditions, lights and Air Conditions are kept ON. Squadron connecting to lux sensor and temperature sensor enable us to monitor and control lights and Air Conditioners depending on sensor’s output.

We can opt for sensors only to monitor the environment and devices like lights and air conditioners can be scheduled to run periodically. Energy meter connecting to squadron enables us to monitor the power in use and manage the usage of power and generate reports.

CMMS with AAP – Brochure
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