The Surveillance Health Monitoring Device (SHMD) can be used to monitor the health status of the surveillance equipment like the DVR / NVR / IP Cameras used in various facility. The SHMD shall be connected in the same Ethernet network as the surveillance equipment. The surveillance equipment shall be configured to send the alert to the device. The SHMD is to send the alerts to the CMS via SIA protocol through Ethernet / GPRS communication. And also send the alert SMS / Calls to the Admin and 5 users via GPRS


  • Compact housing.
  • RTC used to provide precise time and date.
  • Flash used to store the unsent alert packets.
  • Ethernet / GPRS connectivity to transfer the data to the CMS.
  • Works with Hikvision, Dahua, CP Plus DVR/NVR/IP cameras.
  • Single SHMD for multiple DVR/NVR/IP cameras.
  • 2 Digital Inputs.
  • ¬†Output – 1, 12 VDC Output of 3 Amps.
  • Output – 2, Potential free relay output (12VDC – 1Amps, 230VAC – 500 milli Amps)
  • Power ON LED indication.
  • SHMD supports Video Loss, Camera Masking, HDD Fail, HDD space alert ( Dahua & CP Plus ), Motion alert, Critical Camera Masking, Critical Video Loss ,Device Factory Reset Alert.
  • Alert SMS / Calls to the Admin and 5 users.
  • Power, 12VDC.

Specification Sheet
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