The Standalone Two Way Deterrent system is designed as a GSM based auto call receiver that attends call automatically for configured numbers. This system to be placed in particular location in the work place and it receive the calls at the 3rd ring and it works as a two way communication unit with the help of inbuilt Microphone and Speaker. In addition this auto call receiver option, the unit has pre-recorded voice storage provision, and the play of the required voice can be done from Remote.

The system also has the capability of accepting inputs from the Alarm panel /Sensors events on any abnormality. The unit plays required audio stored in the unit. It can also function as Auto Dialer, in the event of Intruder alert input. It can dial and play a pre recorded voice message to a stored numbers along with SMS.

The user has the following benefits

  • Auto Dialer System.
  • Automatic Voice Annunciate system.
  • Two Way Communication system.
  • Intruder Alert system.
  • Voice File remote up gradation.


  • Two way communication interface from Authenticate numbers
  • Auto Dialer functions – Calling authenticated users and play pre recorded message
  • DTMF based output control with the dial tone combination.
  • DTMF based Voice File Selection
  • Alerting Intruder through playing pre-recorded voice signal along with Flash Light
  • Maximum of 10 users and 1 Admin can be configured through SMS.
  • Inbuilt Two predefined configuration mobile numbers.
  • Configured numbers User authentication and security ensured.
  • Auto calls receiver
  • Rejects call from unregistered users.
  • Admin and user configuration through SMS.
  • Voice File Selection through SMS
  • Schedule for Automatic Playing of Voice file
  • Optimized GPRS data communication
  • 1 digital input to accept request from Auto Dialer function
  • 1 digital input to accept request from Alarm panel to play voice on events.

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