Access OTP keypad unit (ACS) makes access door in secured room more secure with One Time Password (OTP) from centralized Server by the monitoring authority. The person who tries to access the secured door, get intimated with OTP and that is entered to the keypad and then user will be able to open the door.

The ACS is a secured system whose hardware unit is placed outside of the secured room. The hardware system has a display, keypad for the user to enter the request , and 2 relays for EML lock controls (one standby) safe relay mechanism to open the door of the room.The door will get automatically closed within 30 seconds. To EXIT from the Room, the user can use the EXIT push button switch to open the door.

The system communicates to the OTP management system through the internet using the wiredethernet connected to the Router. The system has non-volatile memory to store 100 OTPs, it communicate to OMS using SIA protocol., and gets commands and data using our proprietary protocol.

The hardware system also has a potential free output which will give input to Alarm Panel on Entering a dedicated DURESS Code, tampering of the unit, force opening of the door without the permission of the system, and also communicates these alerts to the OMS (OTP Management System) . An Alert will be sent to OMS, when the wrong password is entered for 3 times.


  • 12V DC supply is given as input to the unit.
  • User Key Entry interfaces-Keypad and LCD Display.
  • Ethernet Communication interface with Protection for connectivity.
  • SIA protocol for Communication.
  • Rugged Cabinet.
  • Solid state relay for access door operations- 2 output (1 standby) for Fail secure lock operations.
  • EXIT push button Mechanism
  •  Non-volatile memory to store the 100 OTP’s.
  • Potential free output contacts to alarm panel on Duress Code entry.
  • Unit Tamper Detection.
  • Online and Offline mode of Access implementation.
  • Browser based application with login levels.

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