Squadron keypad unit is designed to work with 8 zone and 32 zone Squadron alarm automation panels to configure the settings and monitor the status of the panel. The Keypad Unit is provided with keypad, LCD, beeper and tamper switch. The keypad accepts one ADMIN user with rights to change the panel configurations, and maximum 10 security users who can ARM/DISARM the panel, and 15 functional users who can login to perform some defined functional activities.


  • Rugged powder coated cabinet
  • Compact size
  • LCD display – 16 X 2 Character LCD
  • Switch type Numbering keypad
  • Modbus communication to connect with main panel
  • Inbuilt tamper sensor
  • 15 User login functions
  • Arming settings
  • Creation/ deletion of user
  • Maintenance of passwords
  • Setting of Panel network parameters
  • Settings of Security Ports and Temperature, Light Parameters
  • Settings of Output Control Channels
  • Viewing of Security Port Status, Control Status, Function Status
  • Viewing of Panel’s measured Parameter
  • Settings of Delay timings including arming / disarming schedule time, arming / disarming hooter delay time, PIR delay time.
  • Battery Cut off Configuration

Specification Sheet
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