Energy Monitoring and Control Unit (EMCU) is a device which constantly monitors and controls individual power consuming loads. This device is integrated with Energy Monitoring Software (EMS), part of our Central Monitoring and Management Software (CMMS ) The power parameters i.e Energy, Voltage, Current, Power, Power factor and environment parameters i.e. Temperature, Lux and Humidity are monitored and managed.

The user has the following benefits

  •  Energy Saving
  •  Energy Monitoring
  •  Remote control / management
  •  Failure detection alerts
  •  UPS backup duration update
  •  Centralized data for optimization


  • Rugged powder coated Metallic enclosure.
  • 3 output channels (1 Slave Card), expandable up to 12 channels (4 Slave card).
  • Measures and monitor the AC voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power factor, and the energy values of all individual Output Channels.
  •  Each channel detects the failures of equipment, based on the current sensing and reports to EMS.
  • Measurement and monitoring of UPS output A.C voltage and battery DC  voltage.
  • Analog Inputs like Temperature, Humidity and Light are monitor and measured using efficient sensors with 2% accuracy which helps in reducing energy consumption thereby reducing utility cost and Increasing energy efficiency.
  • Option to make the system to bypass upon switching OFF the system, where electrical lines will work in manual mode but continue monitoring action without automation / Control.
  • System tampering is sensed and communicated to the users/management.
  •  Communication through Ethernet with the Energy Monitoring Software (EMS) and GSM communication (optional).
  • On board RTC for maintaining the schedule timings of energy saving controls.
  • Metering extremely accurate and high speed event capture information which log 100 latest event in the internal memory.
  • LED indications for communications, Zones alert, UART communication,controller to controller communication.
  •  6 digital input for general purpose sensors are used for different alert settings.
  •  1 digital output for router reset.
  •  EMCU shall be connected either to three phase or single phase supply voltage.
  •  2 X 16 LCD with Scroll switch for event display and event verification.
  •  Input supply of 230V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz
  •  Power consumption of 15W or lower.
  • Optional Battery Backup.
  • Optional GSM.

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