Room Controllers

Smart Home automation is the compact unit for

automation and security. It is easily configurable with the laptop, mobile app. Electrical gadgets like AC's, lights, window-blinds etc., can be controlled through the mobile app. It is used in apartments, villas, commercial buildings.

·Rugged metallic enclosure – Metallic silver with smooth finish

·Digital inputs – 5 nos. digital input signals, 1 no. Panic help button.

·Digital outputs – 7 nos. of potential free output relays 230V AC 3A, 1 siren output – 12V DC, 1A

·Output modes – Auto (ON/OFF, schedule), Energy saving (based on sensor inputs), Manual

·I/O expandable – up to 6 nos. of room controller devices

·User mode – In/Out/Sleep. Panels inbuilt switch for mode selections.

·configurable alert delay Time for out mode

·User Management – 1 admin and 2 nos. of users can be added for security alerts and configuration, 3 contact numbers for panic help

·Voice alert – user configurable voice messages using SD cards

·Indications – LED indications for input and output, Modem status

·Event logs for alerts and outputs

·Configurations – Android App

·Network – Ethernet

·Alert type – User configurable multiple alerts like call, SMS, siren, notifications, Web SMS

·2G and 3G GSM standard SIM cart slot

·Mobile app for total management

·Voltage - SMPS 12V DC, 3A for field sensors, 12V DC operating voltage