GSM 2-way deterrent device

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The proposed system is designed as a GSM-based auto call receiver, that attends call automatically for configured numbers. This system to be placed in a particular location in the workplace and it receive the calls at the 3rd ring and it works as a two-way communication unit with the help of inbuilt Microphone and Speaker. The speaker and microphone can work even at a distance of 4 meters.

The user has the following benefits.

  •  User-defined options
  •  Optimized usage of resources
  •  Reliable and Secured facility
  •  Faster and easier communication
  •  12V DC supply is given as input to the unit.
  •  The unit has an inbuilt speaker and microphone with the controller card.
  •  Auto call attender with two way communication interface. ?1 digital sensor to detect any alert event through IP camera.
  •  1 potential free relay output to indicate the status of the unit.
  •  Auto/Manual mode options are selected with a switch.
  •  1 digital relay output for Flood light (Controlled 230V output).
  •  Flood light glow for 1 minute by default at the time of alert.
  •  User-defined a Prerecorded voice for alert indication using 2GB SD card.
  •  System can be controlled by command center.
  •  Maximum of 5 users and 1 Admin can be configured through SMS.
  •  DTMF based output control with the dial tone combination. Alerting Intruder through prerecorded voice signal.
  •  30W horn type outdoor speaker, IP 65.
  •  User defined VOICE tone for alert message.