GSM 2-way communication device

Squadron 2-way communicator unit is deployed for the purpose of 2-way communication with inbuilt speaker and microphone.

  • GSM based 2-way voice communication unit with inbuilt speaker and microphone
  • 8 Ohms speaker
  • High sensitive microphone
  • User details storage capability
  • 0-85 temperature graded electronics components
  • Operating with a 12V, 1A external power input
  • Auto call receiver capability
  • User authentication and security ensured
  • User Configuration through SMS
  • One ADMIN and maximum 10 numbers of users are allowed to call.
  • Rejects call from unregistered users.
  • Inbuild two Predefined Configurator mobile numbers.
  • Standard SIM is preferable for this unit and it will be easy to use.
  • SIM card support network type 2G, 3G