Fiber Optic Lightings


Fiber Optic lights are an alternative form of lighting & they enhance the charm of the place or building in which it is used and they are perfect for use in and around water. We offer fiber optic lights for use in star ceilings, pool, spa, glass block and architectural lights. Fiber Optic Lights are noted for creating a safe, power saving, shock proof and elegant appearance. There are many benefits for using fiber cable in hard to access places such as the top of buildings. If electricity, heat and accessibility are a large concern for your project, then fiber optic lights may be the solution. Fiber Optic lights find application both indoor (Ex. Bedroom ceiling; home theater area, discussion or conference hall, spa etc...) & outdoor ( for swimming pools, roof top gardens etc )

We get a lot of questions on how to use fiber optic lighting in lighting applications. There are a few key things you need to determine before planning lighting to help you decide if you want to use fiber optic lighting or led lights in your home or business buildings. The first thing you will need to determine is if you want white lights alone or solid color lights or color changing lights You will also need to determine if you would like to have dim lights / bright lights . Each one of these choices will change the cost of materials and might actually change the product line you might end up using. If you choose to have a white light only light that is dimmable, we suggest you use the Fiber Optics Cables or our LED light Strips. They are brighter than florescent and use energy efficient led light technologies. If you choose to have a solid color light we suggest you to use our Led lights category since it will save you money over fiber optic lighting.

As a prominent manufacturer we satisfy our clients with high quality Fiber optic light engine which is used to illuminate the fibers. This lighting is safe, innovative and cost effective. Two models of fiber Optic Light engine are available and it differs as per the illuminating light (150W and 75W). 


  • High power Fiber optic light source with specialized optical lamp.
  • 4/6/8 colour wheels, Dichroic colour glasses with 150W MH units
  • Forced air cooling.
  • High Quality glass / Plastic fibers
  • Multiple selections of end lights
  • Electronic transformer
  • Energy saving i.e. no heat dissipation
  • No fear of electric shock.
  • End Fiber option : ( 0.5mm / 0.75mm ) diameter