Exit and Signage Lights

Rax- Tech manufactures Industrial grade emergency lights that is a battery-backed and gets switched on automatically when a building experiences a power outage.Emergency lights are used in commercial buildings as a safety precaution to power outages, so that people will be able to find their way out of a building or perform their activities without any interruption. Exit signs are often used in conjunction with emergency lighting. Emergency lights come with various indications and we have a range of Industrial Emergency lights designed to suit your needs.


Rax -Tech provides you a wide range of Emergency Lights & Exit light. Emergency EXIT signs are important life safety device, that provide a visual guide towards the nearest exit by displaying an illuminated version of the word " EXIT". Emergency Exit signs are required to be installed in all types of facilities & buildings LED exit signs consume less than five watts of electricity and last for 8-10 years. Small powerful battery backup packs keep our LED signs boards illuminated in case of power interruption.

Illuminated exit signs are an important and legally required safety feature in your facility. In case of an emergency such as fire their operation is critical in protecting the well being of your congregation’s members. Rax – Tech make exit light is known for its Low energy consumption & low maintenance. Exit signs come in two colors, green or red. Choosing what color is right for your facility is dependent on several factors, including aesthetics and local regulations. To ensure a powered exit sign remains lit during an emergency if the building’s electrical system is interrupted, Rax –Tech make exit signs come with a battery back-up or offer this feature as an option. 



  • Factories
  • Bank
  • Offices
  • Theaters
  • Railway Stations
  • Airports
  • Bus Terminus
  • Education Organization
  • Library
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hotels
  • Other Commercial Buildings etc