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Overview – Control & Relay panel


Rax – Tech manufacture’s Control & Relay Panels (CRPs) used for the protection of electrical networks rangingfrom11kVto400kV.

Our product range for both indoor and outdoor panels includes:

  • Feeder protection panel for both incoming and outgoing lines
  • Transformer panel covering both HV and LV side protection
  • Panel for housing the protective equipment for Busbar
  • Panels for the protection of switch gear equipment on Bus Coupler
  • Panels to cover protection for Capacitor Protection

We have expertise in using electromechanical, analog and digital relays in our panels. We integrate relays from popular manufacturers like ABB, Alstom, Siemens, GE, SEL. Etc. The panels of varying sizes based on the requirement are designed. Based on the design and wiring terminations the panel are classified into simplex, duplex, twin feeder and triple feeder. 

We have end-to-end manufacturing facilities right from:


We have a planned and controlled design and development of product. The design stages includes design, review, verification and validation to meet the functional and performance requirements of the customer


We ensure that the suppliers are evaluated, selected to the approved list and periodically reviewed in accordance with the organization standards.The quality is extended to the purchased products to confirm to the industry standards.


We have the production assembly line designed with the proven latest industrial practice and methodology to ensure paramount quality to be brought in from the machines, tools, raw material and process to our products.With all the manufacturing process being in-house we supplement quality at every step.The production planning and process aided with expert technicians has raised the product standards.


The incoming, in-process and final inspection are carried out on the products before releasing it for customer inspection. The industry standard testing kits are enabling our QA services.The QA final inspection reports and documentation has eased the job of the customer representatives visiting our premises for inspection.


This service activity being the expression aspect of our company, as this department is in direct contact with customer. We do installation, commissioning, customer calls, resolving problems .All these activities are powered by our highly experienced service engineers.

R & D Our emphasis is always been on 'Tomorrow to be always better than today'. There has been a constant focus of this vertical to bring in innovation and enhancement to our products and services.

Rax – Tech specializes in projects pertaining to control automation systems. It consists of a team of well qualified engineers who expertise in the Automation fields such as PLC, variable speed drives, computer controlled systems, etc.

  1. Provide solution for any automatic sequencing required by a client
  2. Provide Optimum Control Design with control diagram
  3. Translate it into hardware using either Conventional Logic Control Component, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Variable Speed Drives (VSD) (AC / DC)
  4. Build turnkey Control Panel in our Panel Builder factory
  5. Solve inveterate Problems in your current automation System by introducing the optimum and satisfactory modification.
  6. Consultative in Control systems Design and Solutions in many fields.
  7. Modifying your current control system to match your new requirement.
  8. Provide the Technical Support from the design to troubleshooting from through the phone to your site visiting.