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Rax – Tech make Automatic Phase changer (APC ) unit meets the safet norms and it is CE certified. The APC monitors the incoming voltage in all the three phases using reliable rugged sensors. In the event of power failure or low voltage in upto 2 of the three incoming phases the automatic phase changer automatically transfers your equipment to the healthiest phase. Thus it safegaurds all electrical equipments from unhealthy high voltage.


  • Residential applications – Suitable for individual houses, villa, apartments, Banglows
  • Commercial – Suitable for Offices / shop / Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Banks


The main idea behind developing an Automatic Phase Changer was to reduce the problems in daily life. The use of modern science and development of technology has made it possible to manufacture a product which can be applied at several places. In three-phase applications, in case of any power failure or low voltage  or high voltage in any of the two phases the Automatic phase changer assist you to select the healthy phase automatically. So that uninterrupted power supply is available in all phases as long as power is available in any one of the three phases. The APC consists of microcontroller based cards electromagnetic relays & suitable protective metallic housing. Optionally Bypass select switch shall be included for auto / Manual options

Hardware Features                                                                                                                                                  

  • High voltage and Low voltage cutoff.
  • Emergency Bypass optional.
  • Under and over voltage changeover.
  • Phase Indicators R, Y, B real colors.
  • I/P voltage status are shown through I/P LEDs.
  • Fully controlled by modern micro-controller control.
  • O/P presence is indicated by O/P LEDs.

Mechanical Features

  • Easy to assemble and handle.
  • Immediate relaying response.
  • High rigid cabinet.


  • Provides continuous power supply
  • Protection from over loads / high voltage
  • Instant changeover
  • Suitable for Inductive loads
  • Easy to install
  • Fully automatic



Model Selection


Model KVA  * Max. Capacity By Pass

AAPC – 40

10 KVA

40 A


AAPC – 60

15 KVA

60 A


AAPC – 80

20 KVA

80 A


AAPC - 100

25 KVA

100 A



Our automatic phase changers are used by the following:

  • Building promoters
  • Builders
  • Electrical contractors
  • Residential spaces
  • Small Office